Training and Development


Why invest time and money in Training and Development Solutions?

We truly believe that people are your greatest asset. Developing a learning culture which maximises individuals’ potential and process efficiency provides you with an opportunity to grow and develop your business (hopefully, faster than your competitors). This is where we come in; we can provide you with this competitive edge.

Because we are fully outsourced, we are in the unique situation where we can work with you and add value by supporting your business plan and helping you identify needs. We will discuss the various options and benefits to ensure that we identify the appropriate training/development solution. Sometimes, an external training solution is the answer to a solution, but it may simply be that investment is required to ‘share knowledge’ or develop capability internally. Rather than simply send one person on a training course, we can provide bespoke training to a whole group of people resulting in cost efficiencies and knowledge growth within your business. If the solution is ‘specialised’ we have a network of training professionals throughout the UK who will be able to provide a solution.

Examples services we can provide:-

· Training needs analysis

· Development plans

· 360° Feedback – Off the shelf or bespoke questionnaires

· Skills based training in-house

· Introduction to Line Management – The Essentials for new and existing Managers

· Managing Performance – Good and Bad

· Managing Absence

· Employment Law for Managers

· Presentation Skills

· Handling Disciplinary and Grievance Issues

· Teambuilding

· Managing Redundancy Situations

· Change Management

· Interviewing/Grievance/Discipline

· Train The Trainer

· Managing Stress

· Managing Employee Terrorists

In delivering training courses, you can expect the courses to be both interactive and motivational and based on real world values – not just theory. Our training courses are also cost effective to reflect our own values.

Our work does not end in delivery of the course; we will discuss with you how results and learning can be measured once the training has taken place to ensure it has been effective in its objectives.

We offer free consultations, what have you got to lose... call us today to help your business realise its full potential.