Employing People – People Relations


Employing People: People Relations

It would be nice to think that the world of work always runs smoothly, but we know it doesn’t and as business leaders, we will (at some time) have people issues. Whether this is something an employee is unhappy with or a misconduct issue which your business wants to act upon immediately.

In addition, the world of work and people is ever changing. Year upon year, our businesses see increased ‘Red tape’ and this trend is set to continue. Do you have time to keep up with it? Did you know that employment tribunal compensation limits now exceed £50,000? There is no limit on compensation in cases of sex or race discrimination. Compensation for "injury to feelings" can exceed £250,000!

You may want our advice on a one-off issue you currently have or you may want support for a fixed or long term. We can flex our services to suit your needs and we won’t break the bank….. our help and advice service is available from as little as £90 per month for small businesses (>>>>).

In essence this service gives you in-house senior Human Resources expertise at a fraction of the cost of employing a HR professional, essential for small to medium size businesses in today's litigious times.

This service requires you to submit a query/issue to discuss by email and Business People Solutions commits to make contact with you, either by email or phone as appropriate depending on the nature of the query, within 1 working day of receiving your query.

All Business People Solutions email accounts are checked daily.

Workplace Investigations

Business People Solutions can conduct a range of sensitive investigations for clients as a support to internal procedures (for example grievance, disciplinary, performance, harassment and or bullying and conflict).

Employee Engagement

Here are some examples of our people relations services:-

· Disciplinary & Grievance advice regarding policies and procedures

· Development of an employee Handbook

· Dedicated support on a retainer basis

· An annual HR Health Check

· An informal HR/People Clinic

· Training for Line Managers who deal with grievances and disciplinaries