Employing People – Policies & Processes


Why would you need this service?

The importance of protecting your business in today’s economic and competitive environment grows day by day. Having effective people policies and processes helps ensure your organisation is both legally compliant and follows best practice in employment and people matters. We will ensure we work with you in understanding the climate and needs of your organisation which means that we are perfectly placed to provide real advice and guidance rather than text book answers. Our aim in this area is not just to ensure compliance with employment legislation but also to provide advice and guidance to develop a strong employee/people relations climate within your organisation to suit your organisations own culture. We know that one size does not suit all.

We have worked with organisations that don’t see the benefits of policies – until they day they are challenged either internally or legally. Here are our views on some of the advantages of having effective policies and processes:-

· Protect your company from liability and unfair judgments

· Demonstrate your company's commitment to a positive work environment

· Confirm your company's non-discriminatory hiring and employment practices

· Provide the framework for your company's values and how they govern your employee relations

· Demonstrate and manage expectations of performance for all parties

· Set out consequences for inadequate performance and unsuitable behaviours

· Prevent misunderstandings and inspire management to be even-handed and consistent

· Create their own record of action when policies are closely followed and applied

· Become a vital resource and reliable reference tool for everyone

· Promote a successful and closely controlled orientation for new employees joining your business

· Improve how employees interact and minimize obstacles and repetition in the workplace

Employing People: Contracts of Employment

The Employment Rights Act 1996 requires employers to provide most employees with a written statement of the main terms within two calendar months of starting work. By being ahead of the game, you will be setting out the main terms of employment and this will help to cut down any disagreements later on.

If employers don’t have written contracts of employment, an ‘implied’ contract may exist, which means increased risk for your business.

We can support you in both compiling new contracts of employment and reviewing contracts of employment to ensure they comply with UK legislation and remain up-to-date.

We can be as involved in delivery and communication of the changes as you like, we can even deliver training to ensure people understand what it means for them personally.

Here are some examples of our policy and process services:-

· Employment contract formulation or review

· Employee handbook

· Review of people processes such as:-

· Recruitment process

· Probationary period procedure

· Performance Management process

· Absence Management process

· Flexible Working process

· Compilation or review of employee policies, such as :

· Disciplinary

· Grievance

· Performance management

· Maternity/Paternity/Adoption

· Sickness and Absence

· Diversity

· Equal Opportunities

· Health and Safety

· Induction

· E-mail and Internet

· Data Protection

· Code of Conduct

· Smoking

· Holiday/Leave (bereavement- study- jury service – sabbatical – etc…)

· Part-time and Flexible Working

· Training and Development

Regardless of how big or small the task – Business People Solutions can provide all the HR/People documentation you need to manage your resources as effectively as possible. We will flex our service to align solutions with your particular business requirements.