HR/People Consultancy


Business People Solutions offers a range of guidance and support solutions for employers, small and large in order to assist you in the effective management of your No. 1 asset, the people who work for your business.

The usual "one size fits all" approach is not the way we operate. As experienced HR leaders and managers, we have suffered at the hands of consultants and advisers who "take you through a process" - no matter what your people or business problem, you receive ‘their’ solution.

We believe in providing a consultancy service and bespoke processes which build understanding, promote innovation, facilitate planned change and stimulate effective action for your business. Applying the right solution to the right problem means having a full tool-kit and expertise to hand and choosing the correct solutions to help you, the client.

Our starting point is ‘where you are’ - not where we are. This means you get a bespoke solution to your problem or challenge - "one size fits one!"

We can provide help in a number of ways from handling the problems that can occur when employing staff, to understanding how to make the most of your people within your business.

Using a pragmatic and business focused approach, we will work to provide HR solutions that add real business value.

Examples of our experience within this area include:

  • HR Strategy
  • Recruitment
  • Reward Management
  • Managing Company or Departmental Re-Structures
  • Creation of HR policy and procedures
  • Management of problem areas
  • Company Change
  • Training Services

We offer free consultations, what have you got to lose... call us today to help your business realise its full potential.